Optical Illusions

Welcome to optical illusions a one stop optical illusions gallery with hundreds of pictures of illusions posted by people from all over the world. We have illusions from a wide range of categories some of them include the famous Jesus illusion, scary optical illusion and a lot more.

Optical illusions can be defined as the images we perceive with our eyes but are not actually real. It can be any information that the eye gives to the brain that is not a physical reality. The word illusion is derived from illudere, a Latin verb which means “to mock.” People may have different perception of the same work of optical illusion. It means that the same picture may be perceived or seen differently by different people. In simple words, what we see may not be real. It is just our minds perception of an image through the eyes, thus creating a doubt in our mind and that is the magic of an optical illusion. Many artists’ create artwork with optical illusions.

Optical illusions are an error or an innocent assumption of the brain. We find a lot of such illusions in our daily life but we ignore it. To get tricked by optical illusions is easy and this can be used positively in scientific research. They are a visual puzzle. The optical illusion forces the brain to assume something which is not the actual reality which remains hidden and sometimes is revealed to us when we look carefully for some time. Some of the optical illusions have dazzling colors and strong textures; some have lights and shadows; and some have strange shapes and patterns.

There are some optical illusions in which when we stare or look at one point the picture is normal but as soon as we shift our eyes the whole picture starts moving or rotating. There are some related to words in which when we see for the first time we can see a word but when again we look at the background we see another word. At first when we look at an image it seems as normal but when we stare at it for sometime or give a closer look, it may seem different. This is due to the eye tricks created by the optical illusions. Thus, optical illusions create a false visual impression.

Optical illusion can be fun and enjoyable. They improve our memory and increase the power of attention. Many websites give a chance to experience free some of the most amazing optical illusions online. They are great for kids.

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